EnglishSaheb was created with a vision to help people who are struggling in the world because of English. We observed that there are so many people who feel awkward, ashamed or unworthy or cannot hold their head high because of being unable to speak English.

And sadly, only 15-20% of the people in India are able to speak English fluently. So, we made it our mission to create an English Speaking Course in Hindi, that will be so easy that anyone can learn from it, irrespective of their background.

We researched, tested, experimented with multiple people and kept on making several changes until we managed to create a Course that was easy to understand, accessible to everyone and most importantly affordable.

We are continuing to develop this vision and we believe this Course will contribute significantly in your English Speaking learning journey.

Thank You,

Team EnglishSaheb.

“We are glad we could reach you and we hope this Course contributes in enhancing your confidence, personality and way of communicating.”